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A union of tradition and modernity: the story of a family winery.



A true little nectar cultivated on limestone and dolomitic sand.

  • Križ


    A dry red wine of the Plavac Mali variety, with an antique charm and exceptional drinkability despite being high in alcohol (14-15% alc/vol). In every sip of Križ, one can sense the simplicity and softness of the tannin, atypical for red varieties that require long periods of aging. The Križ wine is Pelješac in a bottle, created by blending wines from the Križ and Postup regions. The mineral notes and rounded taste resulting from the soil composition and the vicinity of the sea place these two positions at the very top of the assortment. Serving temperature: 18-20 °C.

  • Rozi Križ

    Rozi Križ

    A dry rosé pomegranate-coloured wine, with a distinctive fruity scent and the aroma of the Plavac Mali variety owing to its natural yeasts. Serving temperature: 12 °C.

  • Križ Grk

    A dry white wine with a full taste, unique scent and orange colour specific to macerated wines that have been aged in wood. A wine that stands out from the trend of the uniform white wines of today. In short, it is an ageless wine with character. Serving temperature: 12 °C.

  • 45°

    Our vineyards are extremely steep, but are therefore exceptionally suitable for the cultivation of Plavac Mali.

  • 2 hectares

    Our agricultural family farm comprises 2 hectares of vineyards with southern exposure to the Prizdrina village and the Postup region.

  • Soil

    The vineyards on the Križ hill grow on sandy soil, which is an extraordinary substrate for the cultivation of Plavac Mali, whereas the vineyard in Postup is situated on limestone, gradually descending toward the sea.

  • > 1/2 kg

    The poor soil and yields of less than half a kilogram per vine make our Plavac a true little nectar. As it has always been said since ancient times: „Adversity makes Plavac wine better!“.

  • Plavac Mali

    The most widespread and economically most significant indigenous red grape variety of the coastal and island parts of central and southern Dalmatia.

  • Extremes

    Contrasting climatic conditions prevail in the hills of the Pelješac peninsula, especially on its steep southern slopes. It is here that the Plavac vine yields the best grapes.

  • Biodynamics

    A special form of ecological agriculture that fosters natural processes for the cultivation of plants, which are, just like humans, under the direct influence of the moon.

  • Modernity

    We have been engaged in organic viticulture since 2008. We are the first certified ecological grape growers in the county.

  • Terroir

    The combination of several different characteristics, including the geographical location, geology and the climatic conditions of a specific location on which the grape vine is cultivated.

  • Oak

    By leaving the wine to mature on the lees in oak barrels manufactured in Croatia, we achieve great results. The barrels are made from oak staves and are not toasted (barrique).

  • Fermentation

    Natural yeasts are well preserved on the surface of the grapes so that, despite the high alcohols, fermentation occurs spontaneously.

  • Naturalness

    The advantage of Plavac Mali is that no pesticides are used on the best terrains as they would impact the natural yeasts unfavourably.

  • Convivium

    We have been a member of the Dubrovnik Slow Food Convivium from its very beginnings. It is our wish to illustrate the values of the Pelješac peninsula through our small family story, ambiance, atmosphere and wine offerings.

  • Terra Madre

    Our Križ wine was presented in 2012 at prestigious Slow Food tasting events held as part of the Terra Madre meeting in Turin.

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